The Cathedral City Police Department is here for the speed jokes

(Cathedral City Police)

Let’s get up to speed on the latest from the Cathedral City Police Department:

The Facebook post reads:

Nothing is routine. While conducting speed enforcement along East Palm Canyon, Officer Lamb stopped a vehicle for “speeding.” During the stop, the passenger tried to flee on foot. Unfortunately for him, Officer Lamb was “speedier” than he was and he was taken into custody for warrants. The driver tried to provide a false name, but his #lying game was weak and his true identity was discovered. A search of the vehicle revealed “speed” aka, methamphetamine. Who knew a speeding violation would lead to speed (see what we did there). Nice work by Officer Lamb, catching the speeders transporting speed (okay we’ll stop now). #PrideInService #CathedralCity #CCPD #ToCatchASpeeder

No word on if the suspect was wearing a Speedo or used Speed Stick deodorant, but it was still a good post for those who feel the need, the need for speed…puns.

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