Cathedral City might add a tax on soft drinks

Cathedral City may ask voters to approve a new tax on soft drinks.

The Desert Sun reports that Councilman Greg Pettis sent out a survey to residents asking if they would approve a tax on distributors of sugary drinks if that money raised went towards recreational programs like the city’s senior center and Boys and Girls Club. According to Pettis, about two-thirds of those who responded approved of the idea.

Pettis claims the tax could generate an extra $2.5 million for the city. But, as it is a new tax, it would have to be approved by voters and isn’t currently slated to be on the ballot.

It was not reported exactly how much the tax would be or how, exactly, it would work.

Last month, the City Council discussed a program that would make restaurants promote milk or water, rather than soda, as the drink that was included in a kid’s meal. ¬†Several California cities have already implemented this – which is part of the Healthy Eating Active Living Campaign – including Davis, Perris, and Stockton.

This issue is expected to be discussed further by council members this fall.

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