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A woman and her male getaway driver were arrested on Wednesday after police say she pepper sprayed and robbed a clerk at Pawnshield Fine Jewelry & Loan in Palm Desert.
An employee of a car dealership was arrested on Sunday after police say he was seen driving a vehicle he was supposed to deliver to a customer in the Coachella at speeds over 110 mph on the 10 Freeway.
The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has announced the arrest of two 16-year-olds in the city of Coachella after police say they were in possession of drugs and a stolen gun
A Cathedral City man was arrested in Palm Springs on Wednesday after police say they found him in possession of burglary tools which he may have used on vending machines.
San Manuel Casino has announced a new gaming area that you have no business even looking at.
You can check out a free screening of Pixar's Coco this Friday at Sunnylands Center & Gardens Friday night as part of the Rancho Mirage property's day-long series of Day of the Dead workshops and activities.
A Joshua Tree man was arrested after police say he broke a window in his hotel room and threw items out the window.
A 10,000 seat arena is coming to downtown Palm Springs and, while it seem to make sense that the city council would be doing things like demanding current road projects in the area are halted until everyone knows what's going on with what could be a huge boon to the city's economy, they are not doing that.  So what are they doing?  Well, one council member, J.R. Roberts, is spending time telling the community that he would prefer the arena be built elsewhere, then admitting he has zero say in the matter.
A 22-year-old Twentynine Palms man was arrested on Thursday after police say they discovered a motorcycle reported stolen in 2015 in his possession while they were investigating a report of stolen security cameras.
Following the tragic death of a father and son last year, a private security firm was hired to patrol the Whitewater River area and turn away people who attempt to hang out, swim, and cool off there. As it turns out, despite the warnings about how dangerous that is, plenty of of people are still trying to go.
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