Perhaps you have noticed that Cactus Hugs has not been updating our content machine as much as normal over the past couple of days? Perhaps you assumed that it was because: a) we passed out from the gross, muggy heat in the Coachella Valley, b) we just said, "screw it" and got super high and watched Stranger Things all day, or c) we won the lottery, bought a mansion, and, you guessed it, got super high and watched Stranger Things all day.  Well, none of those are true...yet.
It's tough to believe it is back-to-school time already - what with the temperature being a zillion degrees and all - but, hey, here we are. And, today only, Amazon has marked down all kinds of back-to-school items from Fenrici like backpacks, thermoses, and lunch boxes.
It's time to celebrate America with hot dogs, shit blowing up in the air, and mattress sales, folks...and Cactus Hugs is taking part in all of it.
“Holy shit…what is going on?” It’s the second time I’d said that in a week as I stood on the scale - only this time it was because I’d lost 7 pounds since I started using the noom app - which bills itself as a lifestyle-builder rather than just a weight-loss app.
Cactus Hugs will be back on Thursday
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After a fun-filled weekend jam-packed with signing a bunch of papers, packing, taking heavy crap out of the old place, cleaning the new place, putting the heavy crap into the new place, cleaning the old place, and dropping way too much cash at Lowe's, I am bleary-eyed, sore all over, and back at the keyboard today. Moving is so much fun.
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Just a quick note that you may not see as many updates to this here website over the next couple of days as Cactus Hugs is headed out to Coachella.
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