Police responded to reports of gunfire at a Coachella after party early Sunday morning.
An Indio man was arrested Tuesday night after he led police on a car chase into Thermal.
A hiker was airlifted from the Ladder Canyon Trail after suffering an injury on Sunday afternoon.
An elderly pedestrian is dead after they were struck by a pickup near Thermal on Wednesday morning.
A Thermal man was arrested on Friday after police say he was in possession of stolen copper wire and operating as a junk dealer without a license. Domingo Lopes, 59, was in possession of 950 pounds of copper wire,...
Two men were arrested Friday morning after police say they stole $5,000 of copper wire and caused $20,000 worth of damage in Thermal. After an investigation to the theft from the Imperial Irrigation District power sub-station located on Pierce Street,...
A woman is in custody after reports of shots fired in Thermal Friday evening. Police surrounded a home near Alvarado Avenue and Jackson Street after responding to reports of shots fired about 3:45 pm. A neighbor told KESQ that the shots...
A Los Angeles man was arrested on Friday after police say they found about 800 pounds of stolen lemons in his car. Investigators from the Southern Coachella Valley Community Services District Team had been looking into a series of agricultural...
Two men were arrested Friday after police say they were operating an illegal Butane Honey Oil Lab in Thermal. Andrew Meza, 22 of La Quinta and Erick Maldonado, 24 of Thermal were arrested by the Coachella Valley Violent Crime Gang...
A vegetation fire that broke out in Thermal Friday night has been contained at 3.5 acres.
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