Palm Springs

Recently published Palm Springs, California news stories from Cactus Hugs.

So, *sigh*, today in Donald Trump news: dude said the noise from windmills causes cancer.
The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is open once again after being forced to shutdown due to damage caused by that stupid Valentine's Day Storm from Hell.
A man was arrested in Palm Springs early Friday morning after police say he broke into a vacation rental and tried to steal jewelry from a married couple who were renting the place out.
The club has announced they are closing.
There has been an increase in the number of coyotes spotted in the Palm Springs Area lately and, should you come across one, officials suggest you haze the shit out of them. No, I am serious.
The line at the Palm Springs DMV will soon be moving even slower than normal.
After being forced to close down due to the destruction from that Valentine's Day Storm from Hell, The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is poised to reopen next week.
A Desert Hot Springs man was arrested Monday night after police day he fired several shots into the air during a domestic argument.
Police are investing the report of an unlawful discharge of a firearm in Palm Springs on Tuesday morning.
A man not wearing any clothes was arrested in Palm Springs on Friday after police say he struck a motorcyclist and then a fire hydrant.
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