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A death investigation is underway after human skeletal remains were found last week in Joshua Tree National Park
A 28-year-old Joshua Tree man was arrested on Saturday after a woman told police that he punched and killed her nine-week-old kitten.
A Holiday week storm moved through Southern California on Thursday brining plenty of rain to most of the area and lots of fresh snow to the rest. While Joshua Tree didn't get the up to two feet of snow that was predicted, it did get plenty of the white stuff, leading to some great photos.
An investigation is underway after human remains discovered last week inside Joshua Tree National Park.
A hiker, who ventured off-trail and became seriously injured after he fell from a large boulder, was airlifted out of Joshua Tree National Park.
A petition is asking California too recognize Joshua trees as "threatened" amid rising concerns that the trees are dying off due to hotter and drier conditions as well as urban sprawl. The Center for Biological Diversity issued the petition Tuesday...
A burned body was discovered in a dry lake bed in Joshua Tree on Friday morning.
A man was arrested in Joshua Tree on Sunday morning after police say he vandalized the county courthouse.
A Joshua Tree man was taken to the hospital on Friday night after he accidentally shot himself not once, but twice.
You won't be able to access one of the most popular areas inside of Joshua Tree National Park this week.
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