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Two hikers were rescued Thursday night after becoming lost on a Desert Hot Springs hiking trail.
Police are investigating after an armed robbery that involved shots fired a Little Caesars in Desert Hot Springs on Tuesday night.
An investigation is underway after an incident that the Desert Hot Springs Police Department says was an armed robbery Thursday afternoon.
A Landers man was arrested on Thursday morning after police say he called a bomb threat into a Desert Hot Springs elementary school.
Robolights, the strangest freakin' holiday display you will ever see, will not take place in Palm Springs this year after the city agreed to pay the artist behind it, Kenny Irwin, a bunch of cash to go elsewhere. For 2019, that elsewhere happens to be a couple of time zones away. But, come 2020 and beyond, RoboLights may land in Desert Hot Springs, according to the reporting of Brian Blueskye of the Desert Sun.
Three students were arrested Sunday evening in connection wit threat against Desert Hot Springs High School posted on social media.
A man and a woman were killed after a collision in a Desert Hot Springs intersection on Monday night.
A 31-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday after police say he entered a mobile home while wearing a mask and under the influence of a controlled substance in Desert Hot Springs.
A man sporting a cowboy hat who police say was seen on video surveillance attempting to break into a home in Desert Hot Springs on Sunday morning was arrested.
An investigation is underway after a fire broke out at a Desert Hot Springs hotel Monday evening.
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