San Bernardino

Be sure to read that man's sign closely. “I AM NOT homeless. SB Police. Looking for seatbelt/cell phone violators.” That was the sign held up by San Bernardino police officer Clint Walton last Wednesday. According to The Press Enterprise Walton, along... Amazon has announced plans to hire thousands to work at its three fulfillment centers in the Inland Empire. The company announced that 1,000 full-time positions need to be filled at fulfillment centers in San Bernardino, Moreno Valley and Redlands. Amazon's full-time...
San Bernardino Police are not happy at all about spending tens of thousands of dollars searching for a college student who, as it turned out, was never missing. Sahray Barber, a 22-year-old graphic design student at the Art Institute of...
A woman who vanished near Cal State San Bernardino almost two weeks ago has turned up in good health at a Los Angeles shelter. Details are still coming in about the re-emergence of Sahray Barber who contacted her family on Thursday...
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