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The corruption case against former Mayor Steve Pougnet, Developers John Wessman and Richard Meaney still hasn't gone to trial yet, but a judge did rule Friday to unseal the grand jury transcripts. For those interested in what, exactly, lies in those transcripts, you will get a chance, but you are going to have to wait until next month.

1 killed in Indio shooting

A person is dead after being shot in Indio just after midnight on Friday.
Donald Trump, a man who once declared he wouldn't accept campaign donations, made a quick stop in the Coachella Valley this week to grab checks from the Larry Ellison, the local gas station king, and some other One-Percenters (which will soon likely end up in his own bank account), then headed out on Air Force One to host a few rallies, where he went on to bash Palm Springs (again).
If your plans involve heading east on the 10 Freeway over the next couple of weekends, you may want to give yourself plenty of extra time thanks to some lane and ramp closures for a repaving project.
For those still trying to keep up with the Kardashians, the LA Times notes that Kim and husband Kanye West recently purchased a $6.3 million plot of land in La Quinta's Madison Club. Does the purchase mean that soon you can look for the pair grabbing a coffee of beer in Old Town? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess no on that, but it does give them a place to crash after spending Thanksgiving at mom's house just up the road.

He’s gone

After all the buildup, rallies, protests, and riot gear (!), Donald Trump departed the Greater Palm Springs area less than four hours after he arrived in the desert.
An 18-year-old Mecca man was arrested at the campus of College of the Desert in Palm Desert on Tuesday night after police say he was found in possession of marijuana for sale

He’s here

Donald Trump has arrived in "the junkyard" that isPalm Springs.
The Coachella Valley's most popular hiking trail, the Bump & Grind in Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage, will be closed for nine hours on Wednesday as President Donald Trump has vowed to hike to the top in under an...
The Palm Springs Police Department has announced a "Gun Buyback Program” event that will take place this Saturday, February 22nd. The event will aim to reduce gun violence by letting anyone surrender firearms, no questions asked, and receive gift cards in return.
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