http://gty.im/502284057 Do you think you know The Coachella Valley? Take this quiz and find out...  
After all of the shady consulting fees, meltdowns, and going AWOL from council meetings, The Desert Sun has finally called for Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet to step down as Mayor. So if and when he does, someone will...
It is Summer in The Coachella Valley which means plenty of 100+ degree weather - but should you go hiking in such extreme heat? Take the quiz and find out:
http://gty.im/549850785 Do you have what it takes to survive the brutal summer temperatures found in Palm Springs and The Coachella Valley? Take the quiz and find out, then be sure to share your results with friends:
The Coachella Valley plays host to a ton of festivals, but which one are you all about? Take the quiz and find out:
A question posed to mathletes in Singapore has quickly gone viral all over the world...but can you solve it? The question was first posted to Facebook, by Kenneth Kong, a TV host in Singapore. The question, via The NY...
If you live in or visit The Coachella Valley, you will surely spend time driving on Highway 111 - but, how skilled are you at taking on what can be one of the oddest stretches of roadway in The...
You asked for it, you got it! After releasing our first Desert Rat Quiz last month, we received several requests for a follow up - and here it is! How much do you know about The Coachella Valley? Take the...
The Coachella Valley is home to many individual cities: Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, Indio, and about 500 more - or so it seems. But what Coachella Valley city should you live in? Take the quiz and find out:
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