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Looking for things to do Thanksgiving Weekend in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley?  We have you covered with everything going on during the 4-day Turkey Holiday.  Turkey Trots - Thursday Run off some calories before scarfing down on double what...
The American Express Golf Tournament, which you probably still call the Bob Hope even though it has had what seems like 15 different names in the last 20 years, has announced Stevie Nicks and Luke Bryan will perform following play on Friday and Saturday and, finally, there appears to be an exciting reason to go to a golf tournament.
While it's been widely reported that the planned downtown arena in Palm Springs will be home to a minor league hockey team once it opens, it now appears that won't be the only sports-league tenant to call the building home.
KAABOO Del Mar has released its fully daily lineups and set times for the three-day fest, happening September 13-15, 2019
Eight years ago, a video showcasing more than 10,000 individual photographs taken around Southern California was produced and uploaded to the internet. It's a pretty great photo and really showcases the beauty and wonder of the region.
Disneyland has plenty of surprises and secrets throughout the park including everything from a hidden basketball court to secret menu items to oh so many hidden Mickeys. But could there also be ghosts?
September in Palm Springs is a crazy month.  It always starts out with an insanely hot Labor Day Weekend, but then, by the end of the month, things just might be nice enough to go outside again...well, at least...
Las Vegas has a brand new festival, Intersect, that will include performances by the Foo Fighters, Kacey Musgraves, Beck, and Anderson .Paak.
There is no ideal place to be during a huge earthquake - okay, maybe a pillow factory storage room? - but one the worst spots I can think of is to be on stage trying to entertain a bunch of people and make them laugh. And that's just what happened to comedian Atsuko Okatsuka on July 5 when a 7.1 earthquake hit Ridgecrest.
Running, for the most part, sucks. Sure, there are times it is great. For example, you are say running towards the end zone for a touchdown in the Super Bowl or towards the office's exit at 5 pm on a Friday - but, for the most part, running just blows. Weirdly enough, because some people don't think running is awful enough already, a foot race will take place today that involves running 135 miles with an elevation gain and loss of over 20,000 feet.  Oh, and it kicks off in Death Valley which is, surprise, hot as fuck right now. Umm, yeah, I 'll pass.
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