The pop-up hotel opens on Thursday.
The Taco Bell Hotel, which is a real thing coming to Palm Springs in less than a week, was in hot demand for bookings when rooms became available in June - so much so that it sold in less than two minutes.  And Taco Bell soon learned those who weren't able to get a room were not at all happy about it.
Throughout the month of August, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is offering free trips up the mountain to hike, hangout, eat, or just get a few hours of relief from the scorching Coachella Valley heat.
While Palm Springs Wet 'n' Wild hasn't been of much use to us locals looking to cool down from the scorching Coachella Valley heat this summer, it has been getting plenty of use by those looking to ride looking to ride a motorcycle or do a little skateboarding throughout the facility.
The Taco Bell Hotel, which is seriously a thing that is coming to Palm Springs in just a couple of weeks, has unveiled their menu of food items for guests - which includes some yet-to-be-released items that, just a guess here, will most likely be available at the fast food joint shortly after because why else would they even be doing this publicity stunt?
Palm Springs Wet 'n' Wild is no more. And while we wait for the new thing that is supposed to open there, we can take a few minutes and enjoy Josh Hill doing some "urban riding" throughout the property.
By now, you have more than likely heard about the Taco Bell Hotel that is a) a real thing and, b) coming to Palm Springs for four Chalupa-filled days and four fart-filled nights this August. Reservations for the hotel were sold-out within two minutes this week after news of the "tacoasis" was posted literally everywhere over the last few weeks -giving not only Taco Bell plenty of free media exposure, but also tons of that delicious free pub for Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley - which is rad!  Oh, and all it in the middle of the usually sleepy summer.  So, hey, why don't we just make all the hotels in town fast food hotels this August.
Have you seen the new pro-Trump / anti-socialism window display on El Paseo? It's got everything: an angry Donald Trump shaking his fist, a bunch of naked mannequins wearing MAGA hats, and the heads of a bunch of Democrats with an "X" over their mouths with an old scrolling messaging decrying socialism. It's Sean Hannity's TV show come to life and it's freakin' perfect for El Paseo.
One of the best ways to cool off during the scorching hot summer is to take a quick trip up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and beginning today, May 1, you can grab a summer pass for just $80 for adults and $40 for kids 3 - 10
Glitch has opened in Palm Springs, which is good news for anyone looking to enjoy some Southeast Asian food while playing video games like Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Donkey Kong, and more.