The new 360 Sports Bar at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage is a pretty rad place to check out a game on one of their giant TVs, but it appears that it is also a cool spot to play games on one of their giant TVs.
Ahhh, August in Palm Springs. Not only is it the hottest month of the year, it can also be a hot and muggy mess (but, it's a dry heat, amirite?). Since you won't be going on a hike (seriously,...
While Palm Springs Wet 'n' Wild hasn't been of much use to us locals looking to cool down from the scorching Coachella Valley heat this summer, it has been getting plenty of use by those looking to ride looking to ride a motorcycle or do a little skateboarding throughout the facility.
Perhaps you have noticed that Cactus Hugs has not been updating our content machine as much as normal over the past couple of days? Perhaps you assumed that it was because: a) we passed out from the gross, muggy heat in the Coachella Valley, b) we just said, "screw it" and got super high and watched Stranger Things all day, or c) we won the lottery, bought a mansion, and, you guessed it, got super high and watched Stranger Things all day.  Well, none of those are true...yet.
The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens announced that they broke their all-time attendance record for the 2018-2019 season on Tuesday.
I know it doesn't quite feel like there is anything to get excited about today when it comes to weather - what with the humidity and the ground literally shaking under our feat in the desert - but, it...
Producers of the White Party Palm Springs 2020 have announced new venue which will host the nighttime parties for the event.
The artist behind the Palm Springs Mirror House, one of the 2017 Desert X installations in the Coachella Valley, has a new piece floating above the skies of Massachusetts - and it's pretty damn cool.
The Taco Bell Hotel, which is seriously a thing that is coming to Palm Springs in just a couple of weeks, has unveiled their menu of food items for guests - which includes some yet-to-be-released items that, just a guess here, will most likely be available at the fast food joint shortly after because why else would they even be doing this publicity stunt?
El Paseo, Palm Desert's slowing dying shopping and restaurant district, has been looking for ways to save itself from death for what seems like forever now with plans ranging from  a movie theater, taller buildings, professional offices, and balloons!  None of the plans have seemed to catch fire with the public in Making El Paseo Great Again (#MEPGA) so far, leading to El Paseo just contining to do what it has been doing: staying put in yesteryear while other Coachella Valley cities not only pass it by, but lap it. But wait, thanks to the Desert Sun posting literally every letter to the editor it is receiving in the month of July, one reader has a couple suggestions to save El Paseo.