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The fall edition of the Joshua Tree Music Festival will be headlined by North Mississippi Allstars and The California Honeydrops, the fest announced Tuesday.
Anchor / reporter Lauren Day has left KMIR.
CFFC 75 - which is like the UFC but with different letters and lower numbers after the name - was at Spotlight 29 Casino on Saturday, May 26th for what I hope is the first of many events to come.
We all know this weather has been crazy, delightful, and, well, I just don't want to talk about it anymore out of fear of jinxing such a good thing - but, here's something crazy: there have been plenty of cooler months of May in the last 100 years.
Being part of the morning news team on the local television means waking up at 2 am so that you can be on the air at 5 am to re-air the same stories that ran at 11 pm for the dozen or so people watching at that hour. It's a pretty thankless job and usually pays less than the nightside crew, who get a full night's sleep and stumble into the station at 3 pm - which is why, at the very least, someone in station management should be sure that there is some damn coffee in the breakroom for these people.
Zillow has a report out about buying homes in so-called “gayborhoods” around the country and it finds that homes in them are priced far above homes elsewhere, including in Palm Springs.
As it would turn out, getting you to buy tickets to The Stagecoach Country Music Festival was just the beginning.
He even offered up Toy Story 4 tickets, but still: no beer!
Hot off their performances at the Coachella and Chella fests in April, Los Tucanes De Tijuana have announced they will return to the Coachella Valley with a performance in October at Spotlight 29 Casino.
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