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I don't think that's where it is.
Guilty feet have got no rhythm.

The Master

Looks like the forecast is full of zzzzz's
Anchor / reporter Lauren Day has left KMIR.
Being part of the morning news team on the local television means waking up at 2 am so that you can be on the air at 5 am to re-air the same stories that ran at 11 pm for the dozen or so people watching at that hour. It's a pretty thankless job and usually pays less than the nightside crew, who get a full night's sleep and stumble into the station at 3 pm - which is why, at the very least, someone in station management should be sure that there is some damn coffee in the breakroom for these people.
See that picture up there? Yeah, that's me and Bruce Fessier saying a few words on stage before the Tachevah concert that happened for a few years between Coachella weekends. Sadly, Tachevah is no longer a thing and soon that will also be the case for Bruce's work at the Desert Sun - and that is going to be a huge loss for the Coachella Valley.
For some reason, the local newspaper wants it to be summer already.
Jerry has made the switch.
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