The Madison Club has a couple new famous (and non-Kardashian) residents as Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber recently bought a $6.5 million mansion at the La Quinta club.
The Madison Club has a new, non-Kardashian resident after a brand-new mansion in the community sold for $12 million.
Remember when the Kardashians spent Thanksgiving at their new, gigantic La Quinta home. Well, turns out they weren't just getting away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and relaxing in the desert, they were actually in the Coachella Valley to film their TV show.
When you have a $12 million mansion, you gotta visit it every once in a while.
The restaurant recently closed its doors.
The Kardashian family celebrated Thanksgiving at their new La Quinta home.
We get a lot of messages through the Cactus Hugs Facebook page. Some are great newstips, some appear to be old people who think Messenger is like Alexa and just write one word like "restaurant" or phrases like "stop...
A man was arrested on Tuesday after police say he exposed himself to a woman in La Quinta.Police were called to Calle Tecate in the La Quinta Cove a little after 8:30 am. A woman told officers she was...
Everything served here is made from scratch and farm to table
Not sure if Kylie is going to be spending a ton of time at the Madison Club mansion that the Kardashians recently purchased, but the surrounding stores better stock up on their dairy and breakfast offerings jut in case.