I guarantee you will be right behind these people during Billie Eilish.
There were 99 arrests at Weekend One at Coachella - which is basically .09% of attendees - and almost all of them involved an alcohol crime of some kind, according to figures released by the Indio Police Department on Wednesday (via KESQ). But the more interesting thing to come out from the weekend is that, even though this is now becoming a regular thing, another 42 people were busted for unlawful use of a disabled person placard and another two for parking in a handicap stall.
Most ride the Coachella Ferris wheel as a chance to get away from the huge crowds at the music festival or get a photo overlooking it all. But one couple was more interested in some adult play time while...
Among the over 100,000 people who attended the Coachella Music and Arts Festival's Weekend One in Indio over the weekend was the recently renamed Tim Apple.
Coachella Weekend One is in the books and that means ooooooh so many recaps posted online from people who attended. Over at Business Insider - a website that I am told occasionally posts about business - Harrison Jacobs details his Coachella experience with an article with the brief and concise title, "I had an amazing time at Coachella — but I probably still wouldn't go back because of the effort it takes to get there" - which probably would have had a different angle if Jacobs would've just looked at a map of the Greater Palm Springs Area before flying out for the fest.
Some pics to look back at Weekend One in Indio.
Day Three of Coachella is in the books. Here's a recap of the final day of the first weekend of the music festival.
The Monday following Coachella is always a terrible day for traffic headed out of the Coachella Valley. Why? Well, for starters, there's really only one way for everyone headed out to LA to go. Sure, you might cross your...
Coachella is always full of surprises.
Day Two of Weekend One of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is in the books. Here are some highlights from the fest's second day.
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