Desert X, the large-scale art installation that has taken place in the Coachella Valley in 2017 and 2019, will head to Saudi Arabia in 2020.
The artist behind the Palm Springs Mirror House, one of the 2017 Desert X installations in the Coachella Valley, has a new piece floating above the skies of Massachusetts - and it's pretty damn cool.
Friday was the last day to see the Desert X art installation "Western Flag" and it appears that Kendall Jenner was able to see the art piece just in time. It also appears that she could use someone in her entourage who is better at framing photos.
If you have been waiting to see Western Flag, the digital Desert X art installation at the base of Tramway Road, you might want to get on that. Like, soon.
Halter, the 2019 Desert X installation that involved different types of fabric stretch around an old gas station near the Salton Sea has disappeared.
Two of Desert X 2019's most talked about installations, Revolutions and Margin of Error, will give a free artist talk on Sunday evening to discuss the virtual reality pieces.
You should skip this installation until after the storm moves through.
Some things to know before heading out to Desert X 2019.
The Desert X 2019 guide to Mosquito Net at the Salton Sea
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