Careful who you small talk with, there’s a cryptocurrency conference in Palm Springs

You know that moment when you make small talk with someone only to find out they are a vegan or do crossfit and you spend the next 5 hours regretting it? Well, remember that over the next few days, because there is a cryptocurrency conference in Palm Springs and you should probably be safe and just not talk to anyone until it’s over.

Crypto Springs is running Wednesday and Thursday at the Ace Hotel and is slated to feature a ton of speakers – which is weird, since once one person starts talking about crypto currency, it’s hard for anyone else to get a word in edgewise.

Not sure how anyone has time for a conference like this, seeing as how all of the “experts” who have talked to me about cryptocurrency have clearly reached billionaire status by now because they just can’t stop talking about how easy it is to get super rich just by walking around the mallĀ (and by the way, no one is getting rich off of it these days).

Anyway, it would probably be best to require cash only the next couple of days from anyone you don’t recognize over the next few days if you’re a Palm Springs business, unless you really, really believe in the future of Dogecoin.