“The Season” is back in the Coachella Valley. And while this magical time of year traditionally begins with your commute being 20 minutes longer than it should and Total Wine being raided of all its gross Seagrams products, it also usually sees a building or two smashed into by an elderly driver. Which is why what happened in Palm Springs today is pretty surprising.

That’s a total bummer for the computer store, but a victory for the snowbirds – as they appear to have made it a two days into November without plowing into a storefront in the Coachella Valley!

Update – 9:42 am: The incident happened at DA Computers on Crossley Road, reports The Desert Sun. Four computers were stolen and the owner of the business claims the damage to the building to be around $100,000.

Update – 11:25 pm: PSPD would like your help in identifying the suspect:

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