Captain congratulates Raiders fans for drinking every drop of booze on the plane

It has been a good year for Raiders fans. The team is tied for first place, Las Vegas and Oakland are fighting for the team, and their punter is hilarious.  Now Raiders fans can celebrate another accomplishment: sippin’ up every ounce of booze on a Southwest flight.  Talk about “Commitment to Excellence.”

Reporter Jimmy Durkin, who was on the flight from Oakland to Kansas City on December 7, was the one to break the good news:

The flight was a little over three hours and no, this was not a flight full of Raiders players, this was a flight full of Raiders fans:

Durkin says that despite all the liquor, no one on the plane was “particularly rowdy,” and he told Fox News that it’s, “pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing.”

The Chiefs ended up beating the Raiders on Sunday – but, perhaps, some of their fans blacked it out.