You can’t afford Palm Springs Film Fest gala tickets (again)

Hey. Do you wanna see all the big movie stars when they come to Palm Springs in January? Sorry. You’re not rich. Guess you will just have to stay home and watch local tv news people act incredibly weird on the red carpet instead.

Tickets went on sale today for the city’s annual rich people prom and the cheapest seats in the house for the January 2nd event are going for $350. Not sure where you sit for that money, but I am guessing it is near a swinging door to the kitchen, the bathroom, or is behind a beam or something.

Of course, you could spend more ($2,500 for a VIP seat) if you want to see the amazing speeches – but, since you don’t have that kind of money (unless you have started cooking meth with your former student in a busted up Winnebago and didn’t tell me), there’s no point in even going into detail about that.

The city of Palm Springs is set to donate $350,000 in materials, supplies, and services┬áto the fest. Not sure why though – as it seems like the wealthy people who attend could simply just cough up a little bit more dough.