Some Grinch stole decorations from Candy Cane Lane in Cathedral City

Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane in Cathedral City is one of the best places to get in the Holiday spirit in The Coachella Valley. Lots of lights, tons of decorations, lots of cheer, plus even a few naughty bits…and the residents of Minerva Road put it all out on display for you to look at for free with your loved ones. One of the few things they ask in return: do not take anything.

That is why it is surprising that Gretchen Gutierrez, a resident of the neighborhood, told KMIR that someone stole lights and several inflatables – including Santa and a giant moose – from in front of her home last week.

“I looked, stood there for a moment, and went what’s wrong with this picture and it suddenly dawned on me that the yard was bare, that there was nothing in the yard, it was completely gone,” Gutierrez told KMIR.  She also said that this is not the first time a theft has happened in the neighborhood.

One of the newest residents of the street, Sam Dafeo, just does not understand why someone would take something from Candy Cane Lane, telling KMIR “what do you gain from it? You take away from the spirit of Christmas and hopefully they’ll return the things someday.”