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Video: Sh*t gets crazy in the Costco parking lot

Video: Sh*t gets crazy in the Costco parking lot

Sure, Costco is a great place to load up on free samples, $1.50 hot dogs, Kirkland whisky, and 5 pound tubs of mayo (seriously, is there anything else you would ever even consider buying there?) – but, it is also hell on earth when it comes to all of those other shoppers. For whatever reason, people tend to completely lose their shit when they go to Costco and this weekend was no exception.

Here is the latest bout of Costco madness that took place in Canada (!) and be warned: the language is NSFW (also, that scream…oh, that scream):

It all went down north of the border at a store in Mississauga, Ontario. CBC News broke down why:

Joe Carreiro was walking back to his car, arms filled with bulk purchases, when he was stopped, quite literally, in his tracks.

His car was blocked in, and a screaming match over a parking space was escalating. Over the next few minutes he watched — and then started filming — as the conflict seemed to dissipate and then picked up again, eventually coming to blows.

“I was just doing some shopping,” the real estate agent told CBC News, “and all of a sudden there was a lot of screaming and yelling.” The participants moved their cars, he said, and then “they came back to the middle of the parking lot and started again. It wasn’t long before they started whaling on each other.”

And here we are always told Canadians are so friendly.


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