Can You Help Solve The Mystery of The Giant Ugly Flip Flops on an Indian Wells Mountain?

Flip Flops Indian Wells

Call in Columbo, The Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Gadget, and Sherlock Holmes…because The Coachella Valley has a big, ugly mystery to solve.

It all began when a viewer posted this photo on KESQ’s Facebook page:

Okay, so kind of hard to see there. Let’s zoom in…

Flip Flops Indian Wells

Look! It is giant ugly footwear!!

But, how did it get there?  Why is it there?  How did the stuffy Indian Wells HOAs allow such a thing?

Well, KESQ is already stumped:

The mysterious artwork is greenish-blue and is adorned with multicolored polka dots. There’s no word on who placed the sculpture on the mountainside, how long it’s been there or how it was transferred up the mountain.

We’re looking into the strange sight and we’ll post more details if they become available.

Thanks for trying local TV news.  But, I guess it is up to us regular folk now.

Do you know what the f**k is going on with these big dumb sandals?  Post your theories in the comments below.