Can You Guys Please Fix The River in Rancho Mirage

The River in Rancho Mirage

The River in Rancho Mirage is having a hard time and looking for a “rebirth”.  Not sure why we have to do everything around here, but it looks like it is time we all helped fix the place.

The Desert Sun reports the outdoor center is “struggling” and the developer would like to bring it “back to the glory of when it was first built”.  Some businesses are doing well, but then there are all those empty spaces:

People are primarily going for the restaurants and a movie but aren’t staying beyond that. Some shops are thriving, such as Forever 21 — which moved into the former Borders location, Kung said, but the goal is to get a mix of businesses into the empty storefronts that complement those currently there.

So while people are going to the center, they just are not staying there.  Now, this might be because Rancho Mirage has clearly stated that young people are not welcome in the city and treat the ones who do like they are terrorists.  Plus, there may be other factors involved, including:

  • other than the restaurants and theater, the center is pretty boring (seriously, what else is there to do?)
  • the layout of the place is really weird and does not invite “walking around”
  • parking is bad (and confusing for some)

So, how do they fix The River in Rancho Mirage?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below…