You Can Not Throw Things at Your Roommate, No Matter How Awful They Are

[media-credit name=”Sonora Police Department via KCRA” align=”aligncenter” width=”225″]Slawinsky[/media-credit]You, at one point in your life, have probably had a roommate or two – and when it comes to roommates, most of them are terrible, terrible human beings.

And roommates can be awful in so many ways: from stealing your food to not helping you clean to being way too loud at night when you are just trying to go to sleep!!!!

Unfortunately, no matter how bad your roommates are, you are not allowed to throw hard objects at their head – something that was learned by 27-year-old Daniel Slawinsky of Sonora, California on Sunday. KCRA reports:

Daniel Slawinsky, 27, was arguing with his 18-year-old roommate just before 7:45 p.m. Sunday about not doing the dishes at their home on the 300 block of Fairview Lane when Slawinsky threw a porcelain coffee mug at his roommate, according to the Sonora Police Department.

The coffee mug hit the victim and broke.

Slawinsky picked up another coffee mug, ran at the victim and hit him again, causing the man to fall to the floor, police said.

The victim of the coffee cup rage was taken to the hospital with two large, deep lacerations to his neck — one of them was approximately 1.5 inches long and a half-inch wide while the other was about an inch long.

And even though it enrages us all when a roommate does not do their damn dishes, you are not allowed to seriously hurt people because of it.  Slawinksy was booked on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon (yes friends, a coffee mug is a deadly weapon).