Can someone at KESQ please refill the breakroom’s coffee?


Being part of the morning news team on the local television means waking up at 2 am so that you can be on the air at 5 am (before Starbucks even opens!) to re-air the same stories that ran at 11 pm for the dozen or so people watching at that hour. It’s a pretty thankless job and usually pays less than the nightside crew, who get a full night’s sleep and stumble into the station at 3 pm – which is why, at the very least, someone in station management should take a minute out from using up the station’s restaurant trade and go out and restock the damn coffee in the breakroom for these people.

And while it appears Jeff Stahl is fine with having a soda at 3 am, no one else should have to live that life. So please, someone at KESQ go buy some damn coffee for these people!