You Can Now Get Your Pet a Driver’s License


dog license

Your dog can now obtain a driver’s license – and they do not even have to be 16 to do it!

You then put the tag which resembles a driver’s license (and will set you back $20) on your pet’s collar and feel better that all of your important contact information is now on your furry friend at all times. One side includes the pet’s name, and address – while on the other side, there is room to fill in dietary restrictions, medical conditions, and microchip number.

And do not worry, your cat will (probably) not use the ID to buy beer.

mclovin cat

All funds raised will go towards animals in need as Tags for Hope works with animal shelters around the world to provide treatment for those pets waiting to be adopted.

Grab a license for your dog or cat today at

(H/T LA Mag)