You can now buy a fast food dip holder for your car

You just have to dip those Chicken McNuggets in sweet and sour and those Jack in the Box tacos in rancho (this is delicious, don’t you dare disagree!), but you have to drive, so you’re basically screwed. Well, maybe not anymore.

The DipClip is now up on Kickstarter and, as you have probably already guessed, it’s a clip that holds your dip in your car:

At Milkmen Design we believe that dipping sauces were made to go with nuggets and fries. For generations, humans had to choose between making a mess in their vehicle or consuming bland, sauce-free food. We were tired of standing by idly as the perfect union of fries and nuggets, and the precious sauces that compliment them, grew strained. So we created the DipClip to repair this relationship, reuniting ketchup with french fry, nugget with BBQ, and so on.

What a time to be alive.

The DipClip will attach to any type of vehicle’s vent and will hold just about any type of dipping sauce.  The company is selling a pair for $15 and you get a discount the more you buy.  So far, they have raised over $35,000.

Check out the DipClip in action here: