Can Kanye West use your guest room to rehearse for Coachella?

Kanye West, who has already made me IRATE, could use a little space to rehearse for his Sunday appearance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – so, if you happen to have a little extra space, maybe you could hook a guy up?

According to Bruce Fessier at the Desert Sun, Kanye’s people called the Coachella Valley Repertory in Cathedral City this week: .

CVRep Managing Director Gary Palmer said a representative for West asked if the hip-hop legend could use the recently renovated CVRep Playhouse to rehearse from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. The man, who Palmer described as being “very nice,” said West needed a rehearsal space big enough to accommodate five pianos, a choir and a full orchestra.

The CVRep Playhouse, which used to be an IMAX movie theater, has one of the largest stages in the desert. But the CVRep is in rehearsal for its first dramatic play in that facility, “Good People,” opening May 1, and Palmer said the company needs to keep working on the sets being built in that space.

Palmer told the newspaper that the rep told him that CVRep was contacted after other spaces also said no to Kanye – who took a little time to check out the festival grounds on Thursday.

No word on if Kanye has found a place to rehearse or why he doesn’t just use the space at Kris Jenner’s gigantic La Quinta mansion or try to close escrow early and use the spot next door, but, just in case, if you could clear out that guest room or the garage this afternoon, Kanye’s people might want to get a hold of you.