We can go to Costco again (for a couple of days)

Both weekends of Coachella are behind us, leaving one weekend of Stagecoach until the conclusion of festival season. As the hipsters moved out Monday and the RVs full of drunken cowpoke won’t be arriving until Thursday, a reminder that for the next two days you can actually got to Costco, Target, or Walmart without getting stuck behind a line of at a dozen customers buying up all of the bottled water and beer in sight.

A couple notes on the upcoming Stagecoach Country Music Festival:

  • Shania Twain will debut new songs at Stagecoach.
  • Budweiser is, once again, the official beer of the festival so you might want to leave your taste buds at home.
  • Oranizers are holding a locals-only sale tomorrow at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens (Do note: tickets are still on sale online, which sounds way easier than standing in line).
  • You can get a free Monster Energy Drink at the fest