Can the Desert Hot Springs Burglar Who Stole Granny’s Ashes Please Return Them!

KMIR’s “You Ask We Investigate” segment (which normally features submissions from old people who do not understand how agriculture works) tonight featured the awful story of Desert Hot Springs resident Laura Dewell and her grandmother’s missing ashes.

KMIR News | Palm Springs, California

Laura had Nana’s ashes stored in a box in the closet and was planning to scatter her grandmother’s ashes at sea, where her grandfather’s ashes were spread. Sadly, now that may never happen:

A burglar broke into Dewell’s mother’s home while she was on vacation and stole the ashes which were in a sealed wooden box inside the bedroom closet.

“The cremation paperwork was in the bag with the box,” said Dewell, adding the paperwork was left behind untouched. She believed the criminal mistakenly took the urn for a jewelry box.

I am going to assume the tweaker who broke in isn’t a big local television news watcher (or blog reader) – so if anyone happens to know anything, can you please call The DHS Police Department so this poor girl can get her grandma’s ashes back.