Californians will soon be allowed to have a beer while getting a haircut

beer samples

Getting your haircut could soon get a lot more fun as California has made it legal for your barber or stylist to serve you up some beer or wine while you get those locks chopped off.

A bill passed this week that allows beauty salons and barbershops to serve up to 12 ounces of beer or 6 ounces of wine, without having a liquor license, reports the LA Times.

It’s a great idea, really. ¬†You get a little buzz going and then, if your barber cuts off a little too much, you won’t mind at all because, you know, beer!

Some of these places have already been doing this – but, up until this bill passed, they could have actually gotten into a bit of legal trouble for it.

The new law kicks in on January 1, 2017.