California Shuts Down Outdoor Beach Showers Because of Drought

Getting that beach sand off of you is going to be a little more difficult going forward.

California has shut down all outdoor showers at state beaches because of the drought.

By doing so, the state expects to save up to 18 million gallons of water a year. California officials estimate that the rinse stations are used approximately 15 million times each year — with the average rinse using of 1.2 gallons of water.

“I think every Californian understands the effect of the drought,” Garratt Aitchison, acting director of the department’s San Diego Coast District, told The San Diego Union Tribune.

In searching for ways to conserve “our first course of action was to take a look at our outdoor showers, because it’s not so much a health and safety cutback — it’s one of convenience,” he said.