California man comes home to find naked woman in his bed

(Shasta County Sheriff’s Office)

A guy in the Northern California town of Anderson came home to find a naked woman he did not know asleep in his bed.

The unidentified man told the cops that he came home to find a package on his porch open, reports ABC 7. Once he entered the house, he found an open beer and a partially eaten sandwich. As he cruised through the house he saw that someone had showered in his bathroom and there were clothes that weren’t his scattered about. Then he made it into the bedroom, where he found a 33-year-old woman sleeping in his bed.

The guy called police and while he was on the phone with dispatch, the woman got dressed and sat on a chair outside, according to the Mercury News.

When police arrived, Michelle Watkins of Junction City was arrested for residential burglary, petty theft and possession of stolen property.

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