California lawmaker wants to make straws at restaurants by request only

Almost every time I order a drink at a restaurant, I end up going through the same routine. I take the straw out of the glass, I set it on the table, and, when I order another drink, I do the same with yet another straw – with both unused straws then finding their way into the trash when I’m done. And it looks like I am not the only one who thinks it’s all just a bit wasteful.

California Assemblyman Ian Calderon, a Democrat,  will introduce legislation this week that would have sit-down restaurants only dole out straws by request, reports the LA Times.  Calderon says he decided to proceed with his bill after reading reports that show 500 million plastic beverage straws are used every day in the U.S., then thrown away.

When asked why a law was necessary instead of just educating people, the Assemblyman said it’s a “measured approach that helps change behavior.

The proposal has already been blasted by Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen, who is also a candidate for governor.

Some restaurants have already enacted the policy on their own and fast food joints would be excluded, so you won’t have to remember to ask for a straw before speeding away from the drive thru.


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