California guy steals nearly $5 million from work, spends $1 million on ‘Game of War’

A man from Northern California stole $4.8 million from his employer – $1 million of which he spent on “Game of War.”

Kevin Lee Co pleaded guilty to money laundering and wire fraud on Monday, reports the LA Times. Co was a controller for Holt and was supposed to use the company’s credit card for actual work expenses, but instead he spent it on expensive cars, season tickets to the Sacramento Kings and San Francisco 49ers, a golf club membership, and some sort of plastic surgery.

Then there is the matter of the million bucks he spent on “Game of War,” which you may know best from its TV commercials starring Kate Upton:

Venturebeat reports that the average player of “Game of War” spent $550 on in-app purchases last year. Obviously, Co brought that average up a bit.

He was fired in 2015 and now faces up to 20 years in jail for each charge against him. He also was ordered to pay back the money.

No word on if he gets to keep those in-app purchases.