California Drought

Wednesday, California Gov. Jerry Brown finally realized California is quickly running out of water and ordered mandatory restrictions to reduce water usage by 25%.

So what kind of restrictions are we talking about? Here are the main points, via LA Times:

  • Require golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscaped spaces to reduce water consumption.
  • Replace 50 million square feet of lawn statewide with drought-tolerant landscaping as part of a partnership with local governments.
  • Create a statewide rebate program to replace old appliances with more water- and energy-efficient ones.
  • Require new homes to have water-efficient drip irrigation if developers want to use potable water for landscaping.
  • Ban the watering of ornamental grass on public street medians.
  • Call on water agencies to implement new pricing models that discourage excessive water use.
  • Require agricultural to report more water usage information to the state so that regulators can better find waste and improper activities.
  • Create a mechanism to enforce requirements that water districts report usage numbers to the state.

Twitter, of course, immediately hated everything about the announcement:

It is going to be a very long Summer.

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