California Girl Excluded From H.S. Yearbook Because She Wore a Tuxedo

Stockton Yearbook Tuxedo
(via Facebook / KTLA)

A high school senior in Stockton was surprised to see her senior portrait not included in the school’s yearbook – and all because she wore a tuxedo instead of a dress.

Crystal Cumplido chose a black suit and red bow tie for Lincoln High School’s yearbook for a pretty simple reason. “Because that’s what I’m comfortable with,” she told Fox 40.

When the yearbook came out, Cumplido learned that she was not included in it.  When she went looking for answers, she claims the assistant principle told her it was the school’s policy. “He told me that I wasn’t following policy, that girls are supposed to wear the black, little shirt over whatever,” Cumplido said.

Superintendent Tom Uslan of Lincoln Unified School District has since reached out to Cumplido and her family and says the school will do what it takes to make it right – even if that means republishing the entire yearbook.

“I believe that they have been wronged in this situation and we will do everything possible to protect this student,” Uslan said.