So Cal TV viewers get terrifying end of the world emergency alert


Those emergency alerts that blast through your television sure are jarring. I mean, I know they are supposed to get your attention, but one minute you are watching the Rams beat the Niners and the next you get BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAR – BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR -BRAAAAAAAAAAAAR. For some Southern Californians, the message that came next was pretty damn terrifying.

“In the last days extremely violent time will come,” sais a man on the alert which appeared on the TVs of people in the Lake Forest area. One woman told the Orange County Register that says she was watching HGTV on her Cox Communications cable service when this flashed on her screen on Thursday.

Emergency Alert in SoCal

LISTEN: Some television viewers were startled when an apocalyptic emergency alert flashed on their screens and the voice of a man warned that "in the last days extremely violent time will come."

Posted by ABC7 on Friday, September 22, 2017

A Cox spokesman said it was supposed to be just be an alert but another audio feed bled into the alert. It’s weird how cable companies always manage to mess this stuff up, yet they never mess up sending me a bill.

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