Caitlyn and Kylie Jenner Missed Out on Having Some Good Mexican Food in The Coachella Valley

Posted by Las Casuelas Nuevas on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Over the weekend, Caitlyn and Kylie Jenner dropped by The Coachella Valley to get filmed for their reality show racing some cars at the Thermal Club and eating some dinner at Las Casuelas Nuevas. And for dinner, they could have done better.

Las Casuelas Nuevas is fine for what it is – it has a nice layout, a patio, and the staff has always been nice.  Then there is the bland, overpriced Mexican food designed for the elderly Rancho Mirage crowd who, let’s face it, may not enjoy things like flavor and seasoning they way they did 70 years ago.

But, ask a local in The Coachella Valley where to get good Mexican food and they will come up with at least 10 choices before they get to Las Casuelas Nuevas. Hell, I will do that for you right now in no particular order:

  1. El Ranchito
  2. Fresh Agave
  3. Huerta’s
  4. Armando’s
  5. La Perlita
  6. Guillermo’s
  7. El Mirasol
  8. Casa Mendoza
  9. Loco Charlie’s
  10. Pueblo Viejo

Bottom line: the Jenners really missed out on some quality Mexican food during their time in the Palm Springs area.  But on the bright side, when the episode airs, you won’t have to deal with Kardashian fans at the good joints.