Cactus Hugs is headed to Coachella

(Image Courtesy of Coachella)

Just a quick note that you may not see as many updates to this here website over the next couple of days as Cactus Hugs is headed out to Coachella.

We’ll be posting some updates and anything we may come upon that’s interesting (with our phones…so be sure to be on the typo hunt!), but as for anything else newsy or whatever going on, well you most likely won’t find it here as we might just be at the Craft Beer Barn or the Sahar…actually, we’ll probably just be at the Craft Beer Barn.

If you’re also going to the fest, be sure to say hi. And if you’re not going, have a blast whatever it is you’re doing this weekend.

And thank you for your continued support of Cactus Hugs.

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