Buzzfeed went to Cheeky’s in Palm Springs and really enjoyed the bacon

(YouTube / Buzzfeed)

The Buzzfeed show Worth It focused on bacon in its latest episode and that meant a trip to Cheeky’s in Palm Springs to check out its famous bacon flights.

Hosts Steven and Andrew begin the video at Cheeky’s where they meet owner Tara Lazar who explains that the bacon flights, which are changed every week, came out because she loves bacon and wanted to offer different types to customers. We also learn the uptown Palm Springs breakfast spot bakes their bacon as it’s “the most even way to create the perfect flight of bacon.”

Steven and Andrew check out Miso Butter, Rosemary Sugar, Jalapeno, Smoked, and Apple Cinnamon

“Holy crap, dude…that’s the best slice of bacon I’ve ever had,” Steven proclaims after trying the Rosemary Sugar Bacon.

The pair then head to Manuela in Los Angeles and Belly in New York City to try more expensive bacon options – but, for Steven, the best of the best is Cheeky’s.

Check out the YouTube video – which you will have to open in a new window because Buzzfeed YouTube videos are weird now).

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