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“Butts in the Air!”, SD Resident Angry Over Yoga in the Park


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Every weekend, hundreds of people get their yoga on at a Park in Pacific Beach. And while they seem to enjoy doing yoga outdoors, residents of the area are furious.

“Who wants to walk by there with a bunch of butts in the air?” one unnamed woman asked while being interviewed by 10 News (I assume at this point a bunch of men watching the news at home undoubtedly raised their hands).

One person (could be the same woman) even went as far as to write “Yogis go home” with a middle finger (that we are told  looks more like a cactus) extended on the sidewalk.

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The organizer of the yoga, Steve Hubbard, got ticketed for holding the sessions in the park a few months ago. He took his case to court and won, citing freedom of assembly. Hubbard says he doesn’t charge for the sessions (he does allow donations, which he says go to charity).

But the angry woman is just not having it, telling 10 News, “he’s using it like it’s his own personal property, and that’s distasteful to us.”