Burger King has the fastest drive-thru, according to study

If you are looking to get your fast food as fast as possible, you are going to want to pull into the Burger King drive-thru, according to a study by QSR Magazine.

Those grabbing a Whopper and fries waited the smallest amount of time, about three minutes and 13 seconds, according to the study. The time measured is from pull-up to exit. Next fastest on the list were Dunkin’, KFC, and Wendy’s.

The study looked at nine nationwide fast food chains, so, no, there are no waited in line for 45 minutes for a Double Double or Raising Cane’s chicken fingers.

As far as the slowest on the list, McDonald’s was found to take the most time (four minutes, 33 seconds) with Chick-fil-A, and Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr.) not too far behind.