Brutal road rage brawl erupts in Chula Vista


Two couples were caught on camera fighting in the middle of the street in a bout of road rage in Chula Vista.

The video was recorded on Monday afternoon and shows two cars stopped in the middle of Third Avenue near K Street, according to 10 News. The two couples exit their vehicles and, after a brief exchange of words, the men fight each other and the women fight each other.

The men end up on the ground and, at one point, one woman begins to kick the other woman in the face after pulling her hair.

The fight might have gone on longer if not for a Good Samaritan and off-duty police officer who ran over and ended the brawl.

Everyone involved in the fight declined to press charges, reports ABC 7.  The woman kicked in the face refused medical treatment, notes NBC San Diego.

Chula Vista Police sergeant David Oyos told News 10 he wishes people would call 9-1-1 when they see road rage before recording it.

“I just think that’s the kind of world we live in right now,” he told the TV station. “We’re thankful that people do capture things on video but we’d be even more thankful if people would call the police.”