It’s the Christmas season and that means it’s eggnog time. What? You don’t drink eggnog because it tastes terrible? Well, that’s clearly because you are drinking the wrong nog.

Broguiere’s Farm Fresh is a dairy located in Montebello, California, at least I am told – as I have never been there. Instead, I pick up their delicious milk and eggnog at the grocery store – well, not my normal store. Instead I go to Bristol Farms, which is the only place in my neighborhood I can find it.

#TisTheSeason! #Broguieres #EggNog! First of the season for me! ????

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It’s a bit pricier than normal eggnog, coming in at just under 10 bucks, but man, is it worth it. It’s the only eggnog I have actually enjoyed without it being spiked and, if you are looking for a little Holiday cheer, pour some Jameson Caskmates (aged in stout barrels) into the mix – or brandy, rum, or whatever tickles your fancy. We drink it while putting our dumb, fake tree up every year and it helps take the burden out of “fluffing” all the fake pine needles.

But hey, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Huell Howser loved this stuff. Yeah, Huell Howser found it to be amazing!!

Just be warned: it can be hard to come by. If you see it, grab it as it will probably be gone the next time you go grocery shopping.

Oh, the chocolate milk from Broguiere’s is also great, but that’s a story for another day – and also a great gift for your favorite local blogger *wink*.