Broguiere’s Dairy is closing and where are we supposed to get eggnog now?


After 100 years in business, Broguiere’s Dairy is closing down. The favorite of Huell Howser and, well, me, is stopping its shipments to Southern California markets and will soon cease production. This is a huuuuuuge bummer for anyone who has enjoyed their unbelievably good eggnog and chocolate milk.

Ray Broguiere claims he has had it with stricter state and county regulations and has decided to close. Though, when ABC7 went to interview him on Thursday, he left the door open to keeping the Montebello dairy open.

This is so freakin’ good!

“It’s made me think a little,” Broguiere told the TV station. “Never say never, evidently. Let’s say the difference from yesterday to today, there is a little bit of a difference. It’s tough, what I’ve gone through emotionally with people coming today and yesterday.”