Bride and groom end up in handcuffs outside bar


What a way to kickoff spending the rest of your lives together.

A couple of newlyweds were arrested on Saturday outside of an Edmonton bar after a huge brawl erupted inside of the establishment. A witness said that it all started when the wedding party showed up around 10pm and were pretty tipsy.

“You know in the old Western movies, when a big fight happens and the doors just explode open and everybody piles out?” That’s what it was like,” Matt Machado told the CBC. “Then security’s got this one guy in a headlock and they tumble down the stairs. The bride is … following behind, just swinging.”

Machado tweeted a video of the bride outside the bar following the fight.

Machado’s friend, Ryan Bychkowski, tweeted a photo and video of the bride in handcuffs.

And because everything ends up everywhere on social media now, video of the incident showed up on YouTube as well.

After the photo was posted around social media, a bouncer at the bar chimed him with his account of what happened.

The 36-year-old bride was charged with assault, while her 37-year-old groom was charged with mischief.